She was Kidnapped and lived an abusive marriage for 17years

A student suddenly appeared in Sichuan province’s Yue Liang village in 2000. The student in question was a young and beautiful female who was together with a 50 year old poor guy.

What shocked the people most was that she accepted to marry a 50-year-old man, Ni Tianguo. He was bitterly famous for his laziness and his poverty. Everyone in the village was astonished by the sudden appearance of such beauty in their town.

The young lady’s name is He Chenghui, a student at a Science and Technology University in Sichuan. All the villagers had treated her kindly due to her innocence and beauty.

The person she married was a 50-year-old man, Ni Tianguo. He had a nasty reputation in the village. He was also the poorest man in the village, and many thought he was the laziest too.

According to the residents of the village Ni Tianguo’s house was more like a dumpster than a house. He had no proper cushions and lived very unhygienically. Winter in that house must have been unimaginable.

It was terrible because their bed was next to an animal enclosure where he raised his chickens and pigs.

Yet, the most uncomfortable thing in his house must be that the bed was next to an animal enclosure where he raised his chickens and pigs.

For this reason, no one in the village could understand why He Chenghui, a beautiful young girl, would allow herself to live an unhappy life.

Seventeen years had passed when a worker from the area returned home to see his family. He accidentally discovered Chenghui’s unusual behavior, and he reported the incident to reporters, who would later investigate. From this investigation, the truth to the mysterious appearance of Chenghui with the 50-year-old man was revealed.

Reporters discovered that He Chenghui and Ni Tianguo’s situation was dodgy. What happened then?

Reporters interviewed her, and it became clear that she wasn’t sober at all. She was sometimes unable to speak clearly at times. However, she remembered her parents’ names as well as her address. Ni Tianguo knew everything about it, but he kept He Chenghui away from home for all these years.

After some investigation, reporters came to Mr. Kaizhi. He saw the photo of He Chenghui, and the family recognized the picture right away. The whole family was in tears for the daughter who went missing 17 years ago.

Mr. Kaizhi left for Ni Tianguo’s home the following day. He Chenghui was looking at his sister in tears. She did not show any emotion for her father.

To make peace with Mr. He Kaizhi, Ni Tianguo broke into laughter and called the man younger than him “dad.” The true story of He Chenghui was revealed, which was much more tragic than anyone could imagine.

Mr. Kaizhi regretted that he was a fiery man who beat his wife and children. He Chenghui also suffered from this behavior. As a result, He Chenghui denied accepting her father even after 17 years.

Mr. Kaizhi revealed that He Chenghui shows symptoms of mental health problems, but the family was ignorant. Unfortunately, she was later kidnapped then sold to Ni Tianguo. She suffered from Ni’s ill-treatment for 17 years. This caused her mental health to deteriorate, and she was unable to recover.

Ni Tianguo stated that he purchased Chenghui from a man for 120 yuan (less than 20 dollars). He claimed that she was his property and he could do whatever with her. Ni Tianguo also stated that Chenghui only lived up to now thanks to his caring.

At last, as compensation for his daughter’s return, Mr. Kaizhi gave Ni Tianguo 600 Yuan (around 100 dollars).


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